Thursday, September 20, 2007

Should I take it personally?

This little incident is fresh on my mind, though not indicative of the entire day. So I guess I'll go backwards tonight.
We were late getting the kids in bed tonight. I decided to start cutting the girls' hair at about 7:00 and Mike was working on some big paper that he has due tomorrow. Anyway, one thing lead to another and we didn't even start family prayer and scripture study (a nightly ritual for us) until 9:30. I should have known better. Lauren was crazy....WAY over tired, not cooperating and certainly not capable of sitting still. So, to minimize the disruptions during prayer I had her sitting on my lap. Suddenly, I felt something warm on my leg. Next thing I knew, I was soaked. That's right, the child peed on me! So in the middle of prayer (sorry Caleb, as he was offering the FP tonight) I jumped up off the couch and headed for the bathroom with her on tow. She made a nice little trickling trail from the couch to the bathroom.....giggling all the way. I kept my cool, though. All I said (calmly) is "Take off your wet jammies and then get on the potty. I will be right back with clean jammies." And I went to get them. When I came back I felt like swatting that bare little butt, but I didn't! Thank you Lord, for teaching me patience.
I talked to Tricia (our neighbor) tonight about their kittens, as they are ready to leave their Mama. Lundi has been begging me for a kitten. We told the kids about a year ago that we would start small and work our way up to a dog if they proved they could handle the responsibility. So we bought fish, and they are all still alive...except one which died right after we brought it home, couldn't handle the trauma I guess. Then we bought a parakeet and they have done well with that, too. Anyway, I just am not that fond of cats. I did find out though, that their (pure bred) lab is perhaps pregnant. I would much rather have a dog and I just love labs. They are due at the end of October and will be ready to go around Christmas time.....I'll be in touch with Santa. Tricia said she would sell us one for $200 as opposed to $4oo just because we are neighbors. So we will be having an addition to our family come Christmas.
We did not make it to the fair today. The kids just weren't that exited to go and I wasn't about to push them. I had three dishwasher loads of dishes to catch up on. Plus, every hamper in the house was full of dirty laundry. I've been letting the house work go, we have been on outings every day this week. It was great to stay home. I think the kids needed it, too.
I did dig out the muslin material. We couldn't even locate the one hammer that I thought we had. It turns out that the last time they saw it was when they built the tree house over at Zack and Abram's. It never made it home. (Grrrr). I do get aggravated when they take mine or Mike's stuff outside and don't bring it back. So, back on topic.....I found the material, had the kids go out and get leaves (Lauren brought in a bunch of brown ones, bless her heart) and I got the blackberries out of the freezer. We had to get creative with our pounders. First we tried rocks, well they just put holes in the material and our hands got tired of holding them. Then we tried rolling pins. It didn't work to roll them, but they made great pounders. So rolling pins it was! Not everybody participated. Caleb opted to make arrow heads out on the front porch. He found some really neat rock (scraps from demonstrations of Native Americans at the museum yesterday) and brought it home to see if he could copy what he had learned. He did some awesome arrow heads, then turned them into arrows complete with feathers. Boy, that kid can make ANYTHING!! He is amazing. He did it by chipping the rock he brought home against some harder rocks he found around the yard, until they were just the right shape. Pretty cool! I thought it would be good to study geology tomorrow, as he was asking me some really neat questions about what kind of rocks they were. It is so neat to learn things right along with my kids. I love homeschooling!


Lena said...

I think we must be long lost sisters or something. We have gone on some sort of outing every day this week and today I am staying home! My dishes are piled up and I don't think my oldest son has any clean clothes at all, lol. We need regular naps today and I'm determined to mop my floor so I don't have to wear socks in there anymore- yuck! Thanks for making me feel normal!

Stephanie said...

I'm with Lena!
I think we must be long-lost sisters, too!

Three loads!?!
Yes, that sounds about right.
All hampers full?
Didn't Eric drop a hint on the way out the door today about "I haven't any clean shorts...." Yes, I believe he did!
Spose I should do something about that....

Kim said...

Don't you just love the sound your socks make as they peeeeel off the floor with every step? It's better than all that muck sticking to your feet!
BTW, where in TX do yo live? Is it getting cool there yet? I talked to my cousin today; who lives in Odem. She is always amazed at the Maine weather, as I am about the 70's that you guys have during February.

Kim said...

You know, something has changed this year. Mike has stopped depending on me to wash his clothes. I didn't even ask him to wash his clothes, either. Maybe it's because he has to have certain scrubs for this and a lab coat with all white scrubs for that and I just couldn't keep it straight. For once, my bad memory has benefited me.
It's not as pertinent that the kids clothes get washed....they all have so many. I usually only think about it when they start spilling out of the hampers onto the floor, which is what was happening yesterday.