Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Week in Pictures

Last week we went to an exhibit at the Maine State Museum called Bug Maine-Ia. It happens once a year and this is the first year we have gone but definitely not the last. It was great fun for us all!
This is a tarantula we met at Bug Maine-Ia. We just left him alone in his aquarium...nobody wanted to hold him. I don't think he felt left out, though.

(I am still trying to figure out this picture posting business and I can't get the text where I want it---so please excuse the aesthetics). Here is a picture of Lundi holding a Woolly Bear. I think she is considering trying it on as a moustache. I said...I am still learning. I just accidently deleted this picture then when I trid to put it back on I got an error. I'll try again tomorrow when I have more patients and renewed energy.

Caleb collected some rock pieces at the museum that were scraps from a Native American tool making demonstration. He came home and made several arrow heads and a few arrows.

We went to the Farmington Fair on Saturday with Nana and Grandpa Dan. They had the Little Red School House open and ready for visitors (it was closed for a long time for rolocation and renovation). Lauren sat at the desk and wrote her name on a slate with Nana proudly watching and encouraging her.

Liam loved the tractors, ofcourse. He is following in his brothers' footsteps in that he LOVES vehicles of all kinds. He picked this one to "drive" then said (in Liam jibberish) "I want to go THAT (pointing) way!" Check out that huge steering wheel!
I wanted to include this picture just for Trevelyn. "Hopefully Harrison will be able to come visit you soon, Bud. We love you and think of you often!" Harrison longs to play with you, too. XOXOXO from your cousins in Maine.
Here is Lundi using the slate (I'm thinkin I should get some of these for school, the kids really liked the novelty of it). She is practicing her name, cursive!

This kid would make a great farm hand. Doesn't he just look like he is surveying the fields...anticipating the task ahead of him? I really like this picture.

The kids also got to enjoy the midway (at Nana's expense...Thanks Nana) and this was a favorite of both Lauren......

and Harrison. They got to POP some WHEELIES!

Either this post is too big or it's time for bed. I can't upload any more pictures..I keep getting an error code.

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