Sunday, October 14, 2007

Eleven Years

Our anniversary was Friday. We have been married for eleven years. We went away together and it feels like we just got married....again. The last time we went away sans enfants was when Harrsion was a baby. He is six, my friends. It has been way too long. Can I just say how refreshing it was to focus on just my husband. No interruptions, no crying babies, no meals to prepare, no conflicts to resolve and no time commitments. Wow! I feel like a new woman, a cherished wife and a better Mom.
We left Friday afternoon after Mike got done at the hospital. We had a wonderful time. We took a long walk on the beach, talked like we were newly weds (without interruption), went on a sunset harbor cruise, visited Spring Point Lighthouse and the best part....had Indian food for dinner on Saturday night. We love, love, love Indian food.
Here are a few pictures from our "Honeymoon" as the kids call it.....

I feel relaxed when I look at these pictures because they remind me of sitting on the beach, which is one of my most favorite places on earth.

This is where we sat and talked for hours.

Here is the love of my life....

Saturday evening we went on a harbor cruise.

In this picture you see Portland Headlight in the background. The lighthouse in the foreground is Spring Point.
This is why they call it a "sunset cruise"..................

The colors were stunning. Mike and I have talked alot about living on an island some day. The problem is, the only way to go from the mainland to the islands is one of these boats to take you there and most people don't have a car on the island, only on the mainland. Can you imagine how many trips it would take to get ALL of our stuff out there? So we decided to wait until some of our kids were up and out....or atleast until they don't need so much stuff (like baby equipment).

This is what it looked like on the way back. Casco Bay looked so pretty all lit up.

Sunday was a great day, too. We admired the foliage..........(some more)

visited a cemetery and walked out on a pier to this lighthouse. This is Spring Point....up close.

The pier is about one tenth of a mile long.

This one was taken from underneath the lighthouse...

This trip did us both a whole lot of good. Infact, so good that when we came home to this disaster......(which was NOT here when we left)

Yes, this is infact a squished and trapped piece of cinnamon toast on the floor. (Am I raising heathens????)

............We laughed about it, cleaned it up with happy hearts and happily greeted our precious children when they came home from church.



Marie said...

YAY!! Happy Anniversary! I'm so glad you got to spend some quiet, relaxing time together!

I also had a thought, and it's JUST a suggestion, you might not like it. Reading back in your posts (I had to fight for computer time all week, so I'm behind!!), you mention H being afraid when C and L are in the woods. Do you think it would help to give them whistles? Or maybe something like it, but so if H wants to blow his whistle, they hear it, and blow theirs, and he knows all is well. It popped into my head as I read, and you might tweak it, but maybe if he felt he had a way to "check on" them he wouldn't worry?

Stephanie said...

that last comment sounds familiar... :)
(to marie - i suggested that to kim when SHE was worried.)

This was a lovely post, and the kitchen made me smile, too, though unbelievably mine can look like that in a day, with only two.

I'm glad you had a lovely time.

and I don't know why i wasn't receiving your comments, I just figured you were busy, and offline.

Kim said...

Thankfully the woods craze has passed. This week they are all about speeding down the hill on their bikes....which is somethibg the all enjoy.
I hadn't thought of giving H a whistle, that's a good idea. Next time they "move into the woods" I'll keep that in mind.
And the kitchen....well that is not the first (or last) time it has looked like that. If I am home and don't remind the kids or do it myself, it looks like that after two days. I wasn't mad at the babysitter for not doing it, but I was disappointed because our kids really do know better.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!!
Can you believe how the time has flown by???
Just wanted to let you know I have been thinking about you both and hope you enjoyed some "quality quiet time" together.
I wish you many more successful years of love and HAPPINESS together!!