Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Wednesday Full of Wonder

We finally got out the door at 12:30 this afternoon. All of the kids were great until I mentioned..."We need to get ready to go" then they suddenly started to not get along. Sometimes they transfer the pressure that I (unknowingly) put on them, onto each other. This causes havoc in the house. Sometimes I think they would like to take hours and hours to get dressed and pressed and out the door.
Anyway, after the not-so-smooth morning, we had a great day at the Museum......and also at the pumpkin patch. So much of the time, the nectar is in the journey!
The kids thoroughly enjoyed the exhibits for Earth Science Day. They learned all about alternative sources of power, like wind, water and solar.

Harrison liked this nitrogen powered car......

And everybody found this demonstration on water pollution very engaging........

In this picture Caleb has a solar panel in his left hand which is powering the fan in his right hand. It was neat!

Then there was every ones favorite....Gold Panning!

On the trip home, the foliage was beautiful and we took a few detours to capture the beauty.

Then we found this gem....the BIGGEST Pumpkin Patch we had ever seen!!!

I coaxed the kids into posing for a few pictures, then they were off for frolicking and fun.........

This puts a new twist on Trev's Pumpkin Races.

Indeed....a day FULL of wonder!

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