Sunday, October 7, 2007

A Spiritually and Physically Beautiful Day

Today was a joyful day. We stayed home to listen to conference. The kids mentioned that it didn't "feel" like Sunday since we weren't going to church, so we all got dressed up in our Sunday best, even though we didn't leave the house. It seemed to me that everyone was more reverent and more attentive.

I was able to feast upon the words spoken this day and am very grateful for the stirring of my soul to do better. I will go into greater detail later about the particular things that touched me this day. I am also grateful that my family is sealed for etrnity. It is not just a sign in our house, (though the sign does remind us) it is something that I believe in, hold on to and look forward to. This knowledge brings me strength.

I printed out some conference busy books for the kids and they really enjoyed drawing, coloring and doing word searches. I know they enjoyed it because I was able to listen to 90% of conference. Thank You children. I am a better person now.

Lauren brought this to me.....

.....and said "Is this how to spell 'Liam' Mommy?"

(I interpreted it as "I am ready to read, Mom.")

This was another great treasure of the day. I thought this was precious.

Harrison the Ham

Here is Liam looking out the patio door, marveling at the colors of the foliage.

This is what he was looking at....

This one is blurry, I know. But beautiful none the less.

Lay on a pillow to look at this one. I have yet to figure out how to rotate these..............

"It passes all my understanding, all the beauty we have here. From the majesty of a canyon, to a tiny baby's ear. And even though I can't believe it, He still believes in ME. It passes all my understanding." Sheri Call

I am in awe at the beautiful world that was created for us to appreciate and enjoy. I never tire of looking at God's marvelous creations. If I could, I would spend every minute of daylight out on my deck looking at the magnificent display of colors. Thank You, God.


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Mike Smith said...

Yes, it was a good day at conference. I usually don't have much time to be spiritually fed. Oh, I read scriptures and pray and that is sufficient. However, to hear the Prophet and general authorities of the Church speak - it's more. I agree that the leaves are out in full force. It's very beautiful. Too bad that Robyn is coming only next week. I hope the leaves hold out until's almost 2 weeks until then. That's a long time for a leaf to hold on. We'll pray.