Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Summary of the Day

I don't mean to bore you all, but for my own personal reasons I'm going to write a few random thoughts.
The kids started to rake the leaves today and cleared a small spot in the yard.
We had to rush out the door to go to the store to bring Mike his keys because he locked his keys in the car. Caleb was sitting up front (the law says not until 12 yrs. but when we have Mattea we don't have a choice) and he asked me to open his Ensure shake. I took it from him while still being able to steer (this Mom has the multitasking thing mastered) but he assumed that he should take the wheel, so he reached for it and I said "I got it." Then it occurred to me....HUH? Has he seen Mike and I doing that for each other? It just struck me as being so weird that he would do such a thing. I'm sure he was just trying to be helpful and doesn't understand the experience needed to "share" the wheel in a safe way. I am still perplexed about this one. I explained to him that when he sits up front (I don't know HOW our parents did makes me so uptight to have a kid upfront) he is not allowed to touch anything. Not even the radio. I am not on a power trip, it is just so distracting to me and I don't think he understands the "up front" rules. I never really explained them to him, either. I guess I oughtta.
I put in a huge order to Rainbow Resources last night. I also ordered some cool new things from Home Science Tools. I wonder if the kids will enjoy dissecting the cow eye ball.
The laundry is about 70% done....I mean, it is all washed. done i mean put away. That hasn't happened for a couple months. I will do the rest of it tomorrow if I can fit it in between the curtain hanging, raking, hearing aid research and the pumpkin carving.
The legislature is meeting in mid November to decide whether Medicaid should pay for hearing aids for the elderly. Laurette (Mike's 94 year old aunt whom we love very much) has severe hearing loss. When I was doing the research as to how we can get her help, someone told me about the meeting and said they are looking for people to share their stories to help get this passed. So my wheels started can I incorporate this into homeschool? Here is what I came up with....Laurette can dictate her story, Lundi can write it and Caleb can read it to the legislature. What a great introduction to politics, don't you think? And if this bill doesn't get passed, we are going to have a fund raiser to pay for the hearing aids. I wonder how many chocolate chip cookies it will take to raise $2,000. Anyway, we decided that this will be our big service project for the year. The kids are all on board.
I really have to get to bed...I am making so many errors. It's kinda step forward and two steps back.
Goodnight all. Dormez bien.

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