Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Teaching Tank and Tooth Brushes

Every bare-foot-blue eyed-baby boy needs a Tonka.......

.........Just like every sand box (or patch of dirt-where-grass-isn't-permitted-to-grow-underneath-the-swing-set spot) needs a shovel.

Why am I always surprised when the best learning happens without busy work, school books or borders? Ya, ya, ya....I know the requirements. But that doesn't mean I have to agree with them. I plan our "school day" because it is required of me, just so that I "have something to show." But real learning happens so naturally around here. Our life style permits it, even fosters it. I love homeschooling.

I'm not sure where this "race car driver suit" came from (we came across it while cleaning the bug office yesterday), but Harrison hasn't taken it off for two days. All we need to do is add his ski helmet to it and we'll have a great Halloween costume. It fits him well...as he is always the one telling me "Pass that slow car, Mommy!" We have already decided that he isn't getting his licence on our watch.

Mattea and Lundi played "Baker" today, as it is one of Lundi's greatest aspirations. She is happiest in the kitchen cooking. This was their "secret recipe" of pasta and Parmesan cheese (dirt) that they made for lunch.

And this was the cake that Lundi made for dessert.

Mattea inquires..."May i take your order, please?"

Love to be fostered.....these brothers love each other.

A few happy children on a very happy day!

Here is Caleb testifying that those "Ensure" chocolate shakes are making him stronger! See those muscles!!!! Maybe he should be in a commercial.

Here is Lundi during "Gymnastics Practice." Sometimes it gets too much for me and I have to turn my head.......kinda like when they speed down the hill on their bikes....scary for an over-protect Mommy to watch!

I think this is a beautiful picture of "my" Mattea.
This is true Native American beauty, wouldn't you agree? We love her!

Here is hat beloved suit again...

Nothin' cuter than baby feet, especially dirty ones!

After we came in the house we did some planting. Our Teaching Tank is one of our favorite homeschooling tools. They are a little pricey, but worth EVERY penny. Tonight the kids had a choice..."Do you want to plant frozen corn, frozen peas ("Will they grow?" was the question..."THAT will be part of the experiment" was the answer), pinto beans or a flower? Everybody chose something different. They also chose how deep to plant their seeds.

Five plus one (Mattea's) equals six. Tonight as I was pasting the brushes, it occurred to me....I really would love to have a sixth. I have grown quite accustomed to the chaos (imagine that) and general "big family" life.

My kids are trying to teach me that holes in the knees, dirty faces, black under the fingernails, sunken sandals in the lake, rocks in their pockets, messy rooms and frogs in the house are all part of a happy childhood. I'm trying to oblige.
We are off to the Maine State Museum for Earth Day (geology) tomorrow. We have discovered what a great place it is and are looking forward to going back. I'll be back on the morrow.


Lena said...

Looks like yesterday was a great day for just about everyone! I know what you mean about loving the big family chaos. It seems like just as I get used to having the number I have, I think- I can handle another one, lol.

Lena said...

Oh btw- what a neat tank! I have never seen those before!

Stephanie said...

A wonderful day!
I'm awfully fond of those "no lessons and Learning Anyway" days myself, as you know!