Monday, October 1, 2007


Thank You friends and family (MJ and SLH) for making me think twice about mentioning this to Melissa. I have been known to say the wrong thing before.
After thinking it over, I realized that the prayer that was answered was my own. I needed to be reminded of our premortal life and the commitments we made there before coming to earth. I didn't receive this answer so that I could tell it to Melissa, (how vain of me, I'm sure they have already thought of this) I received this answer for myself. It is something I need to be reminded of.
We went to the Rock Pile Cabin for FHE tonight. We built a fire, roasted hot dogs and had chips-n-dip and pasta salad. After dinner, Caleb gave a great lesson on faith and the Sacrament. It was so enjoyable for me to be taught by my son. I learn so much from my children. He did a fantastic job and taught with the spirit. It made me realize that we don't give him enough opportunities to take the lead. Tonight I saw in him the potential to become a great teacher. I want to nurture and facilitate that.
School went great today. What I mean is, everyone cooperated without much pushing. Mattea was a little bit resistant at first, but then I asked her to teach Lauren and she was happy to do that. Once again, we learned more just by living life today than we did in our book work. (Sometimes I resent the state requirements). Caleb is sailing right along in his math. He started a new concept today and had minimal questions before doing two lessons all by himself. Go Caleb!
I want to report on all of the children and their progress, but I just looked at the time and realized that I need to get some planning done for the morrow.
Thanks again everyone for your input, you are great influences in my life and help me to be better! I love you!

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