Saturday, February 16, 2008


I've been in a "quick to anger" rut lately. When life gets hectic, Mike's school is demanding (they own him, don't ya know?) and our schedule is full of (assumed) "must do's," I find myself getting angry more often. Not good.
Within the last week or so, I have been more conscious of my rut and have been trying to get out. The Lord has great timing and is always aware of our needs.
I went to Juanita's last night because she neeeded me to come over. Though I supposedly went there for her, it was just as much for me. You see, she had a book titled "The Soft Spoken Parent." Just what I need to help me in my quest to become better. There are so many quotes that I want to print out and hang on the fridge so that I can remember them in the middle of an anger inducing moment.
A truth about anger....
"We often feel quite conflicted after blowing up with people we love. After unloading on a child, our minds may be insisting that we were right and that they needed to hear it. But our hearts tell us that we have violated the contract of love. We have turned against those we swore to bless and protect, to encourage and to teach."
I regret ever being angry at my children. So often i go about it the wrong way. I am going to be better and with the help of the Holy Ghost i know i can do so.
Thank You G. Wallace Goddard for writing this book. Thank You Juanita for being an answer to my pleas witht the Father to help me be better.
I'm going to spend some time with G. Wallace now and I am not going to get angry when the kids come home and do the things that I usually get mad at.
I'm off to being a better parent......I'll report my progress in the coming weeks. (I wish I could figure out the "Labels" feature on my blog.)


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Juanita said...

As far as labels go I can help you tomorrow after's really easy.
Anyway, Thank you Kim for coming when I needed you. Thank you for being a good example in parenting and Thank you for uplifting and encouraging me in mine. I bought the book for the same reason as you. I am on a mission to become a better mother! Seeing where motherhood is a divine calling...and a job that will get me and my family into the celestial kingdom if I do the work our Father in Heaven expects of me. I want to be the best I can be and I want to be the parent Heavenly Father wants me to be...I can't do it without him and I know you know, but a reminder anyway... Rely on Him! I hope the book helps you. I love you!