Monday, February 18, 2008


Hello Friends

I am in the process of getting together a list of our favorite homeschooling supplies. It is by no means a complete list, that would take me a month. It is a list of our favorites.
Also, I put the grades in parenthesies.....this is a very loose guideline. Many of the things I have used can be adapted for younger/older children. If you have specific questions (like what I do or don't like about a particular item, or where I bought it), you can ask me. I just don't want to list all of the details for each thing because sometimes I can be really long winded in my descriptions....especialy with stuff that I REALLY like. I will also be including a list of our favorite/most used websites.
Another thing....if you see something that you are interested in but want to be more sure, you can stop by my house and check it out. (like if you want to touch before you buy.)
Last but not least....there is a HUGE used curriculum sale every year in Augusta. I get alot of my stuff there. If any of you are interested in attending, I will post the details here as soon as I can find out. You can also put unwanted homeschooling items in the sale if you give them a heads-up. I think they keep 10% for their overhead cost of renting the building and such.
A word of caution....It is so easy to over buy!! Be careful not to buy stuff unless you are absolutley sure you need it. Alot of distributors have their "Must Haves" list and try to scare you into buying many un-needed products.
The list will be coming soon.

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