Monday, February 18, 2008

Tried & True (according to the Smith clan).


  • Saxon (K-12) They do have an online placement test that is free, which I found to be really helpful.
  • Wrap-Ups (PreK-4)
  • Mathematicians Are People, Too. Stories from the lives of great mathematicians. (K-4)
  • McGraw Hill workbooks (PreK-1)

Language Arts

  • Spelling/Grammar
  • Explode The Code (This gets my highest recommendation!)(PreK-4)
  • Up With Language Series (3-8)
  • Literature
  • Great Illustrated Classics (1-5)
  • Five In A Row (PreK-3)
  • Tales From Shakespeare (This one is written in comic book form.)(4-6)
  • The Childrens Classics-Tales From Shakespeare (3-6)
  • Puffin Classics (2-5)
  • Writing
  • The Little Red Writing Book (Writing Prompts) (K-2)
  • Daily Witing Prompts (3-5)
  • Explode The Code (PreK-4)
  • Create-A-Story Game
  • Phonics tiles
  • Learning To Read
  • Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons (preK-?)
  • The Read Aloud Handbook (Adult)
  • Explode The Code (PreK-4)


  • Lyrical Life Science (PreK-6)
  • Backyard Scientist (PreK-8)
  • The Teaching Tank (PreK-12) They also have discovery books you can buy.)
  • The Mudpies Activity Book (1-4)
  • Do Fish Drink? (1-3)
  • You're Taller in the Morning, but Shorter at Night (all ages)
  • Animals Without Backbones (1-4)
  • Blister Microscope w/slides (PreK-adult)
  • Magnets (K-12)
  • Potato Clock (1-5)
  • Magic School Bus-The World of Germs Science Kit...this came with petri dishes to grow our own bacteria....really cool!! (3-6)
  • Real Science-4-Kids Chemistry (Pre Level 1)
  • Real Science-4-Kids Chemistry Laboratory Workbook (Pre Level 1) I am not giving an age on these because I learned so much from these books. But I would say that even a kid as young as 6 would understand it---now you all know how much chemistry I learned in school :)


  • Story of The World (1-5)
  • Don't Know Much About....(series) (2-4)
  • If You Lived.....(series) We love these books!! (1-7)
  • Historical Biographies by Peggy Pancella
  • Living History-The Hands On Approach to History ((3-7 but can be adapted for younger kids. I use it for all of my kids).
  • Classical Kids-An Activity Guide to Life in Ancient Greece (1-6)
  • Founding Fathers.....Uncommon Heroes (2-5)
  • I Love America (preK-2) This is put out by The National Center for Constitutional Studies. (It is fabulous for the small kids, we love this!)
  • LDS Church History
  • Your Story Hour (audio CD's...great for school in the car) (3-8...but even Lauren loves these)
  • Where in Time is Carmen SanGiego? (2-4) computer game
  • The Learning Calendar


  • Visualize World Geography (1-8)
  • Great States!! board game (K-3)
  • World Book Encyclopedia Atlas for Kids (1-4)

Social Studies

  • Our Communities (1-3)
  • Children Just Like Me (K-4)
  • Manners Please (K-3)
  • Mind Your Manners (4-6)
  • A Child Guide to Cultures of the World (2-6)
  • The Book of Great Inventions (2-5)
  • A Young Persons Guide to Philosophy (4-8)
  • Philosophy For Kids (3-6)
  • Exploring The Wonders of the World (4-7)
  • The Usbourne Book of Explorers (2-5)
  • Character Counts (PreK-2)


  • Poetry for Young People (2-8)
  • Teaching 10 Fabulous Forms of Poetry (3-7)
  • Oxford First Book of Art
  • The Art Book for Kids (which means no nudes) (1-4)
  • The Usbourne Introduction to Art (1-4)
  • I Can Do All Things-Beginning book of drawing & painting. (K-?....I use this book)


  • Music For Little Mozarts (workbook, flash cards and audio CD) (PreK-2)
  • Music Together (birth-5)
  • Name That Classical Tune (audio CD 2-4)
  • Meet The Masters-The Story and Life of the Great Composers (1-adult)


  • Play and Find Out About The Human Body (we love this one, too!) (K-3)
  • BODY-An Amazing Tour of Human Anatomy (2-7)
  • Understanding Your Body

Let me know if you have any questions.

The list of websites will be coming soon....slumber awaits me.

Also, I would love to hear other peoples' recommendations, too.


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Angela said...

This is great Kim- I always love to see what other people are using! We have used a lot of the same stuff- So I am emailing this link to two friends who want to get started- Angela