Monday, February 25, 2008

Sunday Morning Battle

I felt so releived to see Mike come home to get us yesterday morning. (The car is not working again, he had bishop ric so he took the van.)
Sunday mornings are offten stressful, chaotic and full of miss haps. Here is an illustration...
Liam wakes up. He is very crabby from being so hungry, as he didn't eat much on Saturday because he had been throwing up the night before. OK...I thought....does he have a fever No...ok, I think he'll be fine to go to church. I sit him at the table with a banana, he scarfs it down and screams for more food.
Next, wake up the girls. Tights, I forgot to find Lundi's tights. I send her to go look in her basket. "Mom, I can't find any off-white tights, only white!" "That's fine, wear white." She brings them up, as she was putting them on she realizes that they are actually Lauren's tights. Does she go look again? No, she wore Lauren's and dealt with the crotch at her knees all day.
Oh ya...Liam needs more food. I didn't want to give him a bowl of cereal, I didn't want to spend the time to clean up his usual dumping of his bowl. So I grab a handful of dry cheerios, toss them on the table in front of him. That will buy me another five minutes I thought.
On to the boys......
Caleb gets up, in a surprisingly pleasant mood (he is usually grumpy). Thank You Heavenly Father. I had ironed his favorite shirt and he was appreciative.
Back to baby...I sat down to feed him a bowl of apple sauce, as spoons in the hair are never a good thing for Sunday morning.
On to Lauren.....after she ate, I asked her to get dressed. And she did.....with the exception of one shoe. "I can't find my udda shoe, Mommy." So I call in the reliable help...."Lundi, can you please help Lauren find her other shoe?" "Sure, Mom." They look and look and look, with no success. Lundi went down to fetch an old pair of hers, put them on Lauren. She was happy, even though they were three sizes too big. I don't have time to care about that right now. I said to myself. Mental note.....look for shoe again before leaving.
Wash up baby, change and dress him. Check. One out of five is 100 percent ready.
Until....Lundi starts trying to teach him to fake burp (a favorite pass time among my children).
Then I hear "Mom....Liam puked up!!" Oh, no! I thought, he is still sick. Then I found out the whole story and dismissed it as coincidental.
Next...find a new shirt for Liam. But where, oh where I thought? I am flying be the seat of my pants this morning. Please help me, Lord. I really want to be on time for church. I find a white turtle-meck hanging in his closet. This will do.
Does it ever seem, that no matter how much you plan ahead, there is always some obstacle that you didn't plan for? Like a puking baby?
Move on to next kid. I find Harrison dressed, but with untied shoes and a crookedley buttoned shirt. "Come here, bud. Can I help you a little?" I finish the fine tuning, fix his hair and remind him to get his coat. Check. Two kids 100 percent ready.
Go look for the shoe again. No luck, I guess she is either wearing her sneakers, snow boots or the too big ones. I decide not to have her change. I call her into the bathroom for hair fixing. "I want a yellow barette, Mommy!" "Purple matches your dress better, honey." It's not that important, I thought. She wore yellow. Three kids 100 percent ready.
Mike comes home. "I am so glad to see you." I hug him and rattle off a list of things yet to be done. He gets right to work and we finally get out the dooe at 9:55am. Almost on time.


Tara said...

Sounds all too familiar... with a couple of alterations. Loved the way you put it out there... I could hear myself in your story.

Marie said...

You forgot to mention Harrison accidentally tripping Liam as they walked to the pew!

I love reading about other people's Sundays! Mine? Mine are perfect, everyone dresses, feeds, and cleans themselves here, they even fix me breakfast most days. Yes, I have perfect Sundays...

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Angela said...

This is my Sunday, every week just different scenes and characters- Love It!

Juanita said...

I can relate my friend. Now if you can just send my husband to help me I would greatly appreciate it. I heard they're selling Husbands real cheap on EBAY.