Sunday, February 24, 2008


The Smith family loves to ski. Our children have taken lessons since they were five. It is a pretty big sacrifice on my part, as I am usually the one to take them to their lessons. I can usually be found in the lodge with the baby, trying to keep him away from the fire. The mountain where we go is totally run by volunteers and is a very friendly, safe and fun place for the kids. I couldn't ask for better.
Just a short time ago, Harrison slid down the Main on his botom because it was too big and steep for him to ski. On Saturday he asked Amy (the racing instructor) if he could join their class for the day. She said he could. And can you believe it? He was skiing the Main yesterday, flying through those gates like a champ!!! He has made amazing progress this year. Go Harrison!!!
Caleb and Lundi have participated in a racing lesson all season. They have worked hard to learn to go through the gates as fast as they can. It wasn't until Saturday (their last racing lesson) that we learned that the final race was on Sunday. They didn't even ask to go to the race, but later that night at the dinner table expressed their disappointment. We discussed it and after bearing our testimonies of spiritual blessings verses temporal blessings, we gave them the choice. I knew they would choose the right. I love to see my children walking in truth.

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Tara said...

Such hard lessons for kids. Gabi went through a similar thing with soccer. All the practices were during the week days, but the games were on Sundays. She didn't participate in the games, never complained, and was amazing when she told people that she just didn't do sports on Sunday. We did luck out, though, since Bob had been he only parent to help out at all, and since Gabi worked so hard, they made sure to schedule the last game on a Wednesday!

The results aren't always seen so soon. But when they stand up for what is right, people take notice.

I, too, love watching the strength and dedication of the youth. Disappointments aren't what drives them... it's the gospel... and it shows!