Thursday, February 28, 2008

Leap Year

To celebrate this day, I would like to go on a nature walk tomorrow to look for frog eggs. We could put them in a bucket and care for them until they turn to tadpoles in the spring. We did this last year (but not until April) and kept them as pets in our outdoor science lab (aka swimming pool) until they were big enough to fly (or hop) the coop. It was great fun.
But......since we still have six feet of snow on the ground (literally), we are going to make Oragami frogs instead. We're going to have a leaping contest with our frogs and then play human leap frog in our living room after we remove all of the furniture.
Brother W. and Brother N. came over to home teach us tonight. I really appreciate it when they come. Brother N. always does such a great job of engaging the children, and almost always adapts the lesson to their level of understanding, while at the same time touching Mike and I with the spirit of the message. Not everyone has this ability. Since we have such diligent, faithful and consistant hometeachers, I am more willing to make the necessary sacrifice for Mike to go and do his. I see how it affects our lives and want my husband to bless others as Brother N. and Brother W. have blessed us.
The Lord's work is just that....the Lord's work. It is His desire to bless us through others. Sometimes we are the bless-ed and sometimes we are the bless-ing. Some people call it "Carma." I call it the gospel in action.

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Tara said...

Such sweet comments... I love how we can learn from each other... how positive turns negative into positive! How we adapt ourselves because of what we see, respect and come to love about other people. In the gospel, we can see this through clearer eyes...and hopefully, we'll put such things into practice more often because of it. (I'm, of course, speaking of myself)

And good luck with the "frogs"... sounds like fun!