Thursday, February 7, 2008

Post Number One-Hundred

Who knew that I would get this far? I've written more on this blog (in the last 10 months) than I ever have in a journal.
I know I have so much catching up to do. I'm back with a computer now and hope to get back into the habit of recording our lives.
Starting today, going backwards.....
It's snowing again. The branches of the trees are all droooopy and look so pretty.
Mike is at the hospital working. Liam fell off the chair this morning and hit his head (I told you he is in the "I can't live without a bruise" stage of life. As soon as one turns yellow, he gets a new one.) It's Caleb's day on the computer and he is playing Carmen SanDiego. I have my book club meeting today but I don't think I'm going. The driveway isn't plowed and I'm afraid of getting stuck again. Also, my window scraper is in Mike's car and thers is about 6 inches of snow on the van. Lundi is unloading the diswasher. She is on kitchen this week and dreading every minute of it. Liam is in his room listening to headphones. He discovered this pleasure about a week ago and is so funny when he dances. He has been carrying Lundi's radio around from plug to a traveler. He knows how to plug it in, plug in the headphones, put in and start a CD, and turn up and down the volume. He absolutley loves anything electronic (cell phone, palm pilot, radio, drill, the computer, the camera and any wire he can get his hands on). Funny thing is, he knows how to operate these things. He can even put a CD in the computer and start playing it. He will shuffle the games around until he finds the one that he wants.....which is always Mickey Mouse learning adventures. Amazing. Harrison is watching Caleb play his game and occasionally offering (unwanted) advice.

Yesterday we took Liam to the babysitter and all went skiing. The whole family went for $20.00. Thanks to the Winter Kids Passport. (found here for those of you who live in Maine and want to check it out) It humbling experience. I haven't skiid since I was a kid. Lundi was actually giving me a ski lesson while Mike was teaching Lauren. "Make a pizza, Mom and you won't go too fast." "If you fall just put your body over your skiis and hop right up." (Ya right, maybe 30 pounds, 20 years and five kids ago I could just "hop right up.") Mike ws so impressed with the kids' progress since last year. He hasn't taken them skiing at all this year so that was a real treat for him. Harrison was taking jumps last night and Mike was shocked. Lundi can now ski backwards and float effortlessly back into going forward. Caleb has mastered the hockey stop and actually catches air when he jumps. We all had a great time, even me. There weren't many people on the mountain yesterday. That's a good thing because I don't have the steering thing down yet. I only fell three times my first run, twice my second run and after that I did great. Maybe I'll be taking jumps soon, too. (Ya right!!)
More need attention.


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Nicki said...

Sounds like you guys had fun. I never learned to ski. Occasionally I think I would like to try, then I remember that the cold makes me itchy. Oh well, there's always a good book to read inside where it's nice and warm.