Sunday, March 2, 2008

When it Rains....It Pours

Last night- 2:00am Lauren comes down stairs. I was in the office on my way up to go to bed. She is very distraught, doing the pee-pee dance. I thought she was lost, so I guided her back up stairs to go potty. Then I hear her say "I frowed up, Mommy. I think I drinked too much hot cocoa." I thought Oh we go. That puke bug that has thus far spared our family, is now descended upon us. So we get upstairs and I find the bathroom floor covered in regirgitated hot cocoa. There is nowhere to step without getting pukey feet, so I lay a towel down on the floor so she can go potty. I wake up Mike. I deal with the sick babe, he assumes the role of disaster clean-up.
Then Caleb comes up stairs, walking like a stick figure. "What's wrong, son?" He said "I wet my bed and I need to use the bathroom." I explained to him the current event. After I was done holding the puke pitcher for Lauren (apparently she wasn't done), I go to find new jammies for both kids. We all get back to bed at about 3:30am. Not bad for a down pour.

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Juanita said...

The upside is that it happened all at once. Downside, can we say we hate cleaning bodily fluids! Jahvon is potty training now and I am soooo ready for him to grasp it because I don't know how many more poopy mistakes I can handle without throwing up. I have done way too much dry heaving already. Anyway I hope everyone feels better. Mattea told me tonight her pukey belly is back... Oh NO...maybe it's just a false alarm.