Friday, March 28, 2008

New Life Begins

Don't you just love it when you get inspired from a fellow-homeschooler? Well, my friend Angela recently posted about starting seedlings for their garden. We have made several attempts at a garden and none of them were very successful. So I went to Walmart on Wednesday and bought everything on Angela's list. Now, we did have this planned as part of our science curriculum for this year, but of course that is always subject to change. When I read Angela's post, it just pushed me over the edge. It moved me from being a- little bit motivated, maybe we'll do it if we get around to it-to actually getting to the store and buying all of the supplies. So I gathered up the kids, list in hand (I printed out her post and took it with me) and headed to the store. Today we planted some of them. We will plant more as we get closer to the time when we can actually plant them outside. So, the germination process has begun. Here is the project in pictures....

It was prescious to watch Lauren handle the seeds so tenderly. She took great care to not drop any of them.

When we were at the store, they insisted that they needed gardening gloves. Because "all gardeners wear gloves, and we are gardeners if we are planting a garden." Even though Lauren's were waaay too big, she still wore them. Cute.

Lundi only wanted to plant flowers (of course) so she can put them in her flower press. We did this a couple of years ago. Now she knows which ones press well and which ones don't.

Caleb was sure to read the backs of all of the packages. He was very careful to plant his seeds the exact depth recommended. Hi figured out that he could ignore the spacing guidelines since they were in individual pots.

Harrison was overly generous with his seed distribution. When I explained to him why we need to just put a few in each pot, he did great. He planted peppers, beans and flowers.

He insisted on watching them grow. He sat at the table for atleast an hour after we were all done.

Patience, my son.

It was a beautiful day. And yes....we wore our pajamas to school.


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