Monday, March 17, 2008

Liam Ashton

You have blessed our lives for two whole years and we adore you! Happy Birthday, little son.
I still love your playdough toes. You give great hugs. You love the turtle that Grammie gave you and you rub its tail between your fingers when you go to sleep. Your eyes are sparkly and blue. Your hair is getting darker every day, so we can't say that you are from the beaches of California anymore. Your gorgous blonde highlights faded oh too quickley. Kisses are your specialty. You insist that we kiss you on the lips, and your smack is timed just right. Adorable! Your older sibblings fight over who gets to get you out of your crib in the morning. You do not like the cold. You cry when your hands are cold and have yet to discover the joy of playing in the snow. Maybe next year? Your words are still few, but your gestures are many. You love to climb....high. Which usually results in a fall. You have a new bruise on your head atleast once a week. If Mommy and Papa aren't around, Lundi is your favorite. She takes good care of you and knows how to comfort you best. Following in both of your brothers footsteps, you LOVE cars....of any kind. Crazy for cars, that's what we say. Harrison loves to play cars with you, but you get very upset when he takes the car you want. Caleb loves to laugh at you, and you love to make him laugh when you dance. It is a riot!!! Lauren loves to feed you. You know that if you are hungry, she will always share her snack with you. Papa loves to eat your belly and do rasberries while you are on the changing table. Sometimes you laugh harder while anticipating it than you do when he actually does it. Your giggle is beautiful music to our ears. You love Abby. And even when you are rough with her (like when you pull on her ears or lay across her back while she is eating), she is so patient and tolerant. You love it when I turn on or off the light switch with your foot. I do this by rubbing the bottom of your foot across it. It makes you laugh. You also like to get the lint from betwen your toes and scream "Ahhhh" as if it were bugs. You also love to squish real bugs....summer will be so fun for you. Baths are great fun and you always cry when we take you out. You go to bed very easily. All you need is your turtle, your puppy, your blankey and a kiss. We love you more each day. You are a joy to have in our family. Thank you for bringing so much sunshine to our lives. You are truly a blessing and have taught us so much. We love you Liam Ashton. Happy Birthday!!

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Angela said...

Very cute pics- He is adorable I want to adopt him right now!