Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The good:
I went outside today to pour salt on the ice that has graced our doorstep for the last five months and actually heard birds outside! It was beautiful music to my ears. Very encouraging, and promising that spring WILL come. Especially for those of us who's swing sets are still half way burried. Don't missunderstand....I do love the snow. But now that ski season is over (yes, i survived) I don't care for it to hang around anymore.
More good: Mike is on a psyche rotation this week and is doing well. Even better, he has a whole week off next week. I hope the weather is warm because I really want to get some spring cleaning done. I am feeling crowded with all of the junk we have accumilated over the winter and am anxious to purge!
The bad:
Sick kids. Lundi threw up last night from the top bunk. (Think water fall, but not the pretty kind). Mike was (once again) assigned to disaster relief while I dealt with two sick kids on the couch. We brought Lauren out of their room to clean her bed (she sleeps on the bottom) and while she was on the couch was coughing like a barking seal. I finally gave her the-not reccomended by our doctor, could kill your kid but still works so I give it to my kids anyway because I am a bad Mom- cough medicine. Five minutes later she had to go poo poo. Five minutes later she had to go again. She has had the vas-y-vites (a term I made up on my mission translates into "go there fast") diahrea for the past week and a half. Liam has it, too and can't seem to get regular again. He also has a cough and runny nose. Lundi continued to puke (or should I say dry heave) every fifteen minutes (like clock work) from 10:30 until 4:00 this morning. Ofcourse I was the one up with her because Mike had to be at the hospital early this morning. I was just thankful he got up to clean the mess in the girls room---it was a two hour job!! Our perfectly healthy record this winter has come to an abrupt halt.
Which leads us to the ugly.....
"Fire butts" ( as Juanita calls them). Two of them. Liam and Lauren are the proud owners. Applying medicine doesn't make a difference, except it makes then scream when we apply it.
Looking forward to a better day on the morrow.


Marie said...

Zachary had that diarrhea for A WEEK. But, the thing that stopped it, was a religiously faithful day of the BRAT diet. If it wasn't on the diet, he wasn't allowed to eat it, no matter how he begged. and he could only drink water. Two year olds are good at begging. But one miserable day later, and I remembered what normal diapers are sposed to look like!

Tara said...

Good luck getting everyone well... it seems this thing is at it's worst! Can't wait for Spring... need to get this bug zapped and there's just no better way than good fresh air!

Candace E. Salima said...

Wow - sounds like craziness in your home this week. Hope everyone is feeling better soon and very cool that your husband gets a week off.

Am I to assume you no longer wish to be a part of the LDSBlogs Webring anymore or do you need help putting the code in? If so, email me ( and let me know how you want to proceed. We really would love to have you as part of our community.

Angela said...

Wow I am a tad bit late- but I hope everyone is ok! I too can't take another day of winter