Sunday, March 23, 2008

To Quote Mike....

I loved our meetings today. My heart was pricked. My soul was fed. My heart almost burst as I listened to the messages. I know the Lord spoke to me today. I want to say so much more.....but I want to post Mike's account of the day because he said it so well......

"So, the Sacrament meeting was AWESOME today. Not only did we have a beautiful special musical number and the choir sung for us, but Leah spoke, then Brother Boulier. You can guess how each of them bore witness to the Savior and how Easter has significance in our lives. We remember what happened on Sunday, but what about what happened on Friday? He died on the cross. He was brutally bruised to pay for crime he didn’t committ. The speakers witnessed in each or their special ways. Thank you! There was, however, a more impressive show of the Lord’s influence. President Hayes stood and declared his special privilege and extended the meeting further. This was under the Lord’s influence. He let President Hayes know what to say and how to say it. I won’t share exactly what he said. It is sacred. The entire Ward sat rapt. There was special declaration of the divinity of this Church, the Authority of the Holy Priesthood in this Church, the Lord’s role as judge, the responsibility and accountability of our choices and the sharpness of the Lord’s commands. His was an invitation for us all to stay the course, run the course and get back on the course. I stood in awe of his instruction.
We had people there who have not been back to Church in a while. There were people who have never set foot in this Church. There were those of us who are strong, weak, warm and lukewarm in the gospel. So sharp, exact and sacred were his words, that I doubt - not even for a moment - that anyone could with any reasonable effort would reject, disprove, refute or deny. Some words were searing. Some were gentle. His voice was quivering, almost crying. It seemed any pride was left to utter abandon. How could any of us speak like that? He had the authority to declare the truth and he did it. We rarely have an opportunity to experience this raw revelatory meat. It was given to us without fear, without a pointing finger, without shame and without guile. He spoke with power, authority. He was like a Lion.
I often wonder what people think of think of us when I dare say words like his. The words are true, but they are hard to speak. Why? I know they’re true. It makes me wonder if I am ashamed of my religion. The answer is no, but it takes boldness to speak as he did. To risk the judgement of your fellow men is a high risk, but he gave no thought to this possibility. I conclude he feared God’s judgement more than man’s. Now more than ever I wonder what others think of us. There was a visitor there who I go to class with. She was there for other reasons…not because I invited her, but other reasons. I am anxious to hear if she has any questions for me. Does she have any comments? What are her impressions? How could she (anyone) not have questions? How could she (anyone) not have felt the Spirit? How could she (anyone) deny the power of God tasted at the meeting? I was moved to tears and that’s how my soul expresses feeling the Spirit (one of the ways). I was neither joyed nor scared. I was not sad. I felt encircled by the power and authority of God. I also felt the savior’s love throughout the meeting, not at only one moment, but the whole meeting. To have missed the meeting today would be to miss out on eternal truths, eternal purview and eternal blessings. I’m serious. You think I am stretching it? Ask anyone there. This was a different meeting. It’s one that not many of the members of the Church can say they they’ve witnessed in their life. It was actually a first for me. I know the title, Lion of the Lord is already taken, but President was a close second." MJS

I add my witness. I know that Jesus Christ lives. He is the my Savior. I love him.


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Angela said...

This is great! We are switching wards to yours soon!