Tuesday, March 25, 2008

An Incurable Fever......

.....has hit our house. They call it Spring Fever and sometimes it comes, even if all of the signs of Spring are still weeks away. (I guess they were looking at the calendar, not the weather). This is where I found my children today. I think they thought that since it was 38 degrees, it was time to get out the summer clothes....with coats.

Yes....that is the cross bar that she is standing on.

Notice the bare legs on this boy.....with boots.

And here is Lauren attempting to dig out the swing, which is atleast three feet under.

Lundi's chosen attire was capri's and puddle boots.

It's not very often that you ge to play (safely) on top of the swingset.

Lauren was amazed that she could see over the top of the swingset. It made her giggle.

I guess they just can't wait any longer. I can't either. Maybe I'll take Lauren's suggestion and take the blow dryer outside and melt all the snow.


Stephanie S. said...

Oh, dear.
I'll not be moving to Maine.

Angela said...

Hey Friend- This is really funny! We just received another 6 inches today for a grand total in NH of 111 inches this year! WOW! I hope all is well!