Sunday, March 2, 2008

Who Checks My Blog?

We all wonder this at some point, don't we? We wonder who knows the intimate details of our life without us actually telling them? Or am I the only curious one?

These are the blogs that I check/read atleast every other day.....
  • Steph S.
  • Marie J.
  • Juanita G.
  • Angela H.
  • Amber J.
  • Leah D.
  • Tara N.
  • Heather S.
  • Kathy S.
  • Shellie M.
  • Sara S.
  • Nicki W.

Plus whatever interesting ones I stumble upon along the way.

These are the people that I wish had blogs, so that I could read them....

  • Betsey H.
  • Tracy Layne
  • Melissa H.
  • Angela D.
  • Sally M.
  • Natalie G.
  • Robyn H.
  • David S. (my Dad)
  • Stephen S.
  • Lisa E.
  • Cindy L.
  • Audrey R.
  • Jamee A.

If you read here, and know of a blog that is authored by any of the above people, please send me their link.

To me checking blogs is sort of a watered down way of communication. Talking face to face is so much better. But sometimes we write (here) things that we don't normally talk about, but yet want others to know (even if it's just recording it for our posterity). Blogging could lead to complete isolation from the outside world, and that could be dangerous. But with balance, it can be a great form of communication. I like to talk. I like to blog. I like to read your blog (if you have one).



Nicki said...

I thought you read my blog.

Marie said...

You are supposed to have a "de-lurking" day, where those who come to check it out are told they need to post a comment. It might help to do it with instructions, for those new to the idea!!

Consider me out!!

Kim said...

I knew i would forget somebody. You see, i was mostly relying on my sidebar to remember all my favorite blogs. Yours isn't there because it's private and I don't exactly understand the peramiters of it all. Should I have your blog on my side bar?

Anonymous said...

Hey Kim,
I know, I know, I am GUILTY of checking your blog and not commenting. I just like to see what you are all up to.
Really, I wouldn't even know the first thing about creating a blog....I am so illiterate (spelling) when it comes to that type of computer stuff.
Maybe someday I can convince Richard to help me set one up. Does it cost anything???

Kim said...

Go to and follow the's super easy. It HAS to be if I can do it.
I'll be waiting for your blog. Now that you know how to do it, I expect you to have one!!!!