Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Before I Forget....

Mike had class Monday night (he is on vacation, but had to make up a snow day) so we had FHE without him. Since I was the one (wo)man show, it had to be something very interactive. The idea that I came up with was this: Everyone pick your favorite hymn or primary song, we'll all sing it together, then bear your testimony. Lundi went first. She chose "The Star Spangled Banner" and gave a beautiful testimony. I find it funny (in a cute way) that she thinks that she needs her journal right in front of her every time she gives her testimony, because that is where she has it written. Last night I gently reminded her "Lundi, it is great that you have it written down, but we should keep in mind that our testimony is always growing and changing, so it is best to just say what the spirit tells you to say." Which is exactly what she did. Beautiful.
Caleb was next. He chose the hymn "Behold the Great Redeemer Die." We were totally off key on that one. Caleb was sitting right next to me and he loves to sing as loud as he can while still being reverent. He is always off key and I can't sing well unless I have someone to follow. Needless to say, it was still beautiful, as was his testimony.
I was next. I chose the hymn "Did You Think to Pray." I have many favorites, but I really appreciated the message of this one on that particular day. I thought of it several times that day (amongst the trials and chaos) and drew strength from it's message. Afterwards I bore my testimony of the power of prayer.
After that, I told the kids that it was time for SS&P (scripture study and family prayer) when Harrison said "Hey, what about ME?" It didn't occur to me to include him (I am ashamed to say) because he was playing with cars on the floor the whole time during FHE. I had no indication that he was listening or wanted to be included. I quickly apologised and asked him which hymn he wanted to sing. He chose "The Spirit of God." We sang it and then he stood to give his testimony. It made me cry. The spirit was there. The child is a spiritual giant. I hardly feel worthy to be his Mother. Indeed...."Even some of the elect will be sent to you......" as stated in my PB. Although, it is not mentioned that these "elect" will also be some of the most challenging for their parents. I pray for strength. I want to raise them in His way. I want to nurture the spiritual gifts of my children. I know they have so much potential. I do not want to get in their way.
Last but not least, we heard from Lauren. She chose "I Am a Child of God." How fitting. Of all of my children, she has the best disposition and is (almost) always happy. She needed a little help with her testimony because she started talking about what her dolls names were and why she named them that. Throughout the meeting, she had been sitting on the couch feeding, diapering and dressing all six of them. So, (naturally) they were on her mind. After a little prodding, though, she did a great job. I treasure these moments with my children. God is love.
I attended a mini enrichment class last night. Thank you Terry, it was just what I needed. It was about budgeting. I know, we all hate that word. But this is an area where I have much to learn. I usually resent a budget because there is never enough for what we "need." One thing that nursing school has taught me is "If you can't pay for it, pray for it. If it still doesn't come then do without." We have learned to live this principle. When we actually have a paycheck, (foreign object around here) I think I will frame it and hang it on the wall. Three years is just a long time to be unemployed.
Winter lingers....still. We got another four inches today, with more coming tonight. I'll tell you, much as I want spring to come, it sure is pretty to see everything white again instead of that muddy, brown snow. Don't you think?
I finally broke down and bought Liam some size 2T pants. Those 18month ones were just too short. I was proud of myself for finding two pair at the thrift store for $1.99 each. I was trying to hold out so I could just put him in the summer hand-me-downs, but I don't think he'll be needing those any time soon and I was tired of putting those floods on him.

This is just to remind me that Spring. Will. Come.


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