Thursday, August 16, 2007

Cracking the Whip

I was called a mean Mom today, by at least one of my children. Ever so often I just can't let it go any longer....the mess, I mean. There were dolls, Lego's, puppets, dirty clothes, MegaMagz, books, bike helmets, crayons and doll houses adorning my living room floor when I got up this morning. My first thought was....."Where are the trash bags?" I was gone most of the day yesterday, so I am sure it did not get picked up. Mike would just rather send them outside to make messes and he doesn't like to nag them to clean up. So I usually get to be the mean Mom that requires everyone to clean up after themselves. So I ask you dear reader....Is there a nice way to get kids to clean up? I say things like..."If we work as a team, it won't take us very long." or something along those lines. We have done races, rewards, games, given each person a category (for example: Lundi, your job is the videos and the doll clothes). I have tried to do it all by myself and it is simply impossible. I get mad when I don't ask for help because I feel like it is 6 against 1. I also feel like they should be responsible for picking up after themselvs, with the exception of Liam, ofcourse. There is usually alot of himming and hawing, but they usually comply. The house gets messy in less than a day. There are seven people living in this house, so it is to be expected. But I really want to teach them to do it without being asked. I hate being a nag.
Now that my vent is over, I will move on to the pleasant parts of the day.
It rained and thundered this evening and I LOVE the Maine rains. Liam is walking more and more. When he does, I have to stop what I am doing and watch. A baby learning to walk is one of the cutest things about childhood. Caleb finished the 4th Harry Potter book tonight. He has been through it very fast. The kids caught frogs (again) in the pool today. I think they are catching the same ones over and over again. They catch them, bring them to a different location in the yard and let them go. I think they find their way back to the pool, but we won't tell them that. Lundi goes to Utah in seven Thursday to be precise. I know she will have a great time with her cousins. I still like my haircut. I am slowly gathering stuff to "study" next year for homeschooling. I am looking forward to getting back into our school year routine. I tried a new recipe for dinner tonight. Nobody liked it. Not even me. Would you? It was (cold) avocado and tomato soup. I also made chicken patty sandwiches because I was pretty sure they wouldn't like the soup. However, I do like to try new recipes every once in a while.
I need to go to bed now. I will have Mattea bright and early tomorrow so Juanita can study again. She wants to get all of the work done before she goes to Utah. I hope the weather is good so I can send them outside and keep the messes in the house to a mimimum.

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