Sunday, August 19, 2007

New Header

I thought that Mike's graphic designing skills might be getting a little rusty, so I decided to put them to the test. As you can see, he did a fine job.
My children are beautiful and I thought it was appropriate to decorate my blog with the faces of those I write about. I chose each picture carefully and tried to find ones that said something about them. Here are my thoughts on each child's picture......
C---Intellectual. A happy child. Distinguished. Amazing vocabulary. Hands on, can build fantastic things with Lego's. Craves individual attention. Is a friend to all......the elderly, babies and everyone in between. Friendly. Persistent. Focused.
L---Was she ever a baby? This child has always acted 2-3 years older than she is. Kind spirit. Helpful. Perceptive. Caring. Pensive. Great artist. Loves babies. Peace maker. Loves to learn. Driven....can accomplish anything she puts her mind to.
H---Energetic. Inquisitive. Affectionate. Tough. Athletic. Strong. Sweet.....sings "I Am a Child of God" to L whenever he cries. Hard worker. Great imagination. Loves Jesus. Has a very strong love for the elderly. Enjoys contact sports.
L---Joyful. A happy child. Easy going. Squooooooshy, and gives great hugs. Playful. She has the memory of an elephant. Beautiful spirit. Wants to please. Compassionate. Loves to care for others when they are sick or hurt. She loves sunsets, starry skies and beautiful flowers. She loves animals, too.
L---Moving forward. Wants to be big. Beautiful blue eyes. Loves to giggle. Cuddly. He has the cutest (almost edible) toes. He loves water (both to drink and to play in). Patient. Turbo fast crawler. Adores his siblings.
I hope their pictures portray their personalities. They truly are beautiful little people, both inside and out, and I love them dearly. They have blessed our lives beyond description. I love being their Mother.

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Stephanie said...

I love the new banner!
I love seeing here the pictures of the babes.
I'll look forward to a new camera, and lots of daily pics on this blog!
love you.