Friday, August 24, 2007

Just wondering

The other day a friend (A.D.) surprised me when she said she reads my blog. (Wow. Really?) Like I have said before, I write for selfish reasons. I have never been consistant in keeping a journal but for some reason, I like this form of journaling. Someday I will print it out for my posterity. Anyway, it got my thinking.....who else lurks here without showing themselves? If you don't leave a comment, I have no way of knowing. I have always been afraid of peeping toms, so if you are one....let me know! (kidding) . On mike's blog (WordPress) there is a way to track readership and where they are from. But Blogger doesn't have that feature, atleast that I am aware of.
I already miss Lundi. (What? I only need to set five places at the table? Only four kids to get bathed and clothes ready for Sunday? Weird.) However, I see some sweet little relationships growing between C&H and also between L&L. The dynamics change when there is an even ammount of kids, it has been beautiful to witness.
Mike took the kids swimming at the river tonight. They had fun. Lauren exclaimed, as soon as she walked in the door..."Mommy, I did swim with the fish!" Maybe she spotted some?
I feel like this is a boring post, it is even boring me. I think I'll get back to browsing.


Stephanie said...

Not to scare off your Dear Readers... but there is a way!
Put in a counter, like I have.
It will tell you where your Readers are from (though not perfect), and you can see how many folks read.
Feel free to delete this comment - so as not to frighten off your Readers. :)

You can chooose to put it in as "invisible", and no one ever need know.

I'm not suggesting you would want to spy on anyone - but it is most vexing to (eventually) wonder if anyone reads your blog.

I use statcounter...
you can find it at

Stephanie said...

I read! I read!

Kim said...

HA!!! Thanks to my sister, I WILL find you out, dear way or the other.